Digital Tire Inflator Gauge – Air Compressor Accessories

  • INCREASED SAFETY: In a properly inflated tire, the air pressure promotes the uniform distribution of the load in the contact patch and ensures the stability of the tire structure, which guarantees safe driving.
  • 4 in 1: 200 psi, 14 bar, 1400 kpa, and 14 Kgf/cm².
  • BONUSES: 90 Degree Valve Extender + 4 Metal Tire Valve Caps + PTFE Thread Seal Tape + 2 Replacement Sealing Gaskets. Presence in the complete set Dual Head Chuck.
  • EASY TO USE: Connect the tool to the air source. Remove the tire’s cap. Pull the sleeve down and then press onto the tire valve stem firmly and release the chuck sleeve once the chuck is attached. Press the trigger down to inflate the tire. Press the round button to deflate the tire. Once the pressure gauge reaches the desired pressure, remove the air chuck from the tire valve.
  • 100% SATISFACTION & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We guarantee a one-year return money back policy for the Digital Tire Inflator Gauge.


Why Choose The Swaytex Tire Inflator Pressure Gauge?

– Performance tested & calibrated with precision accuracy to ±1% full scale, with display reading resolution of .5 for maximum accuracy

– Fully equipped with a super heavy duty, leakproof 18″ air hose, precision “push-to-inflate” thumb trigger, and built-in air bleeder valve to quickly decrease pressure in over-inflated tires and reset readings back to zero.

– Super bright blue LCD backlight display is perfect for dark garages, shops, and nighttime use. Display screen automatically shuts off after 2 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

– Connects easily to your current inflation set-up 1/4″ NPT. Can also be used solely for tire pressure measurement even when not connected to an air compressor line.

FREE 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!


Product description

If you bought a good tire, it does not mean that you got a 100% safety guarantee and a comfortable ride.
The wheels have the ability to deflate, burst, etc. The key element of your safety will be the “correct” tire pressure.

A lot of car accidents happen because of problems with the tires.
When the tire is rolled it becomes rigid and loses its amortization qualities. When the tire is badly inflated, not enough, its wear increases at times.

Check the tire pressure regularly or inflate the tires with the Tire Inflator With Gauge within minutes anywhere or anytime to ensure safe driving.

When you want to check the pressure, just release the handle of the Digital Tire Inflator Gauge and wait about two seconds.

The advantage of our Tire Inflator With Gauge is the most optimal since, in this position, it is the most convenient to use.
Everything is immediately before your eyes – the manometer itself, the air release button, and the trigger for inflating the tires.

High-quality construction – the first thing that you’ll notice about the Air Compressor Gauge is its weight.
Only high-quality stainless steel and brass were used to provide an extremely heavy duty inflator gauge that can withstand up to an incredible 200 PSI.

The Digital Tire Inflator liquid display lit in blue and easy to read with very dark numbers.
It is also easy to operate and the deflator bottom is comfortable to reach.

The hose of the Tire Inflator Gauge has an optimum length for the most comfortable operation of the optimal 18” length rubber hose.

The design of the Digital Tire Inflator Gauge allows for use in a wide variety of tire sizes for different types of vehicles from construction vehicles, large trucks, SUVs and cars to motorcycles and bicycles.

Our Digital Tire Inflator Gauge will save you from problems with tires!

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